19 December 2016

Time to re-engineer Identity and Access Management

IAM is historically driven by compliance and user provisioning. It had a very limited scope of coverage in terms of applications, a low return on investment and provided very restricted controls and views of access.

As more business applications and services move to the cloud and mobile working increases, controlling access to data and keeping it secure is challenging. Ilex International has re-engineered the approach to IAM, enabling organisations to benefit from the evolving technology landscape, whilst maintaining security in a much simpler way.

Written in conjunction with our UK consulting partner, Rivington Information Security, our latest paper, 'Time to re-engineer Identity and Access Management' explores the current challenges faced by organisations and explores a new approach to IAM covering:
  • Mobile security
  • Cloud security
  • Universal access management
  • Standardised identity management

You can download the paper here.